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Head of School's Welcome


Dear Visitors,

I invite you to step into our warm, welcoming community of learners.

As our school song says in two languages, “We come from the East, we come from the West, we learn from each other, and that way is best. 我們來自東方,我們來自西方,互相學習,相得益彰.”

These words from our modest, but well-loved school song remind us on a daily basis that we are first and foremost a community of learners and that all learning at CIS is woven from cross-cultural and dual-language strands.

This was the vision put in place some thirty-five years ago by the three forward-looking women who founded CIS. In their vision, we continue to find the qualities of both stability and innovation that are the hallmarks of CIS:

  • We take pride in our stable student and teacher body. One-third of each graduating cohort has in recent years been at CIS since the age of four, while the average tenure of teachers and support staff is nine years.
  • We take pride in our ground-breaking dual-language curriculum, which in recent years we have enriched with Hangzhou CIS, Positive Education, CIS-MIT STEAM camp, a programme of financial aid, and a range of Connected Learning initiatives.
  • We take pride in the generous support we are able to extend our staff, so that they may continually seek professional growth and in turn nurture students to strive for the lofty ideals expressed in CIS’s mission statement.
  • We take pride in our alumni whose trajectories beyond CIS demonstrate again and again that CIS has prepared them to make a difference in the world. On a regular basis, they also return to school to share their wisdom with the latest generation of students.

I invite you to get to know our community and consider how you might join our ranks - whether as a student, parent, member of staff, volunteer or friend.

Sean Lynch
Head of School

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