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Distinctly CIS

East Meets West

CIS is a microcosm of Hong Kong, a city where East meets West. Our Chinese roots are mixed with the international backgrounds and perspectives of our families and staff, creating a unique bridge between China and the world. 

CIS prepares students to become global citizens who can critically examine world issues, understand and appreciate different perspectives, communicate respectfully, and take constructive action for the greater good.

About Us


CIS was the first bilingual, intercultural school of its kind in Hong Kong and continues to refine and improve its programmes to ensure that our students develop strong skills in English and Chinese (Mandarin), as well as a deep appreciation for Chinese culture and history.

We take pride in our groundbreaking curriculum, including our year-long residential programme in Hangzhou, our many experiential learning ventures across the Chinese mainland, and our developing partnerships in the Greater Bay Area. 

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Caring Community

CIS is truly a family. We are a caring community focused on nurturing strong and meaningful relationships between and among students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni and our extended networks.

Our care extends beyond our school walls to our local, regional and global communities. CIS students are committed to making a positive difference in the world and safeguarding our planet.

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Tradition & Innovation

CIS is a forward-looking school that is constantly adapting to the changing needs of our students and the world at large while remaining grounded in our values and history.  

We continue to be guided by our Founders’ vision of CIS as an outstanding bilingual, intercultural school for children of all backgrounds.


A Look Back at CIS

CIS Hangzhou

In August 2013, CIS launched a one-year academic and residential programme of the highest quality for Year 10 students in Hangzhou, China. 

The programme is an intensive year-long journey of discovery built on the four pillars of China, Challenge, Character, and Communities.

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Quick Facts


CIS Founded









Co-curricular Activities Offered



of Graduates enter CIS in Reception


10+ Years

Average staff tenure



Well-being in Action

We believe that equipping students with the self-knowledge and other social and emotional skills they need to flourish is just as important as equipping them with the skills of critical thinking and other aspects of lifelong learning.

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Personalised Learning

Students learn best, and learn to love learning when we offer them an education that builds on their strengths, needs, and passions. Leveraging the power of technology, we provide students with learning opportunities that are tailored to them.

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We believe that we must be responsible custodians of the resources we use and effective champions of our natural environment. We are committed to upholding eco-friendly practices and empowering our students to build a sustainable future.

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Student Agency 

We believe that students should have an active role in their learning through voice, choice and leadership. When students have agency, they are more engaged and motivated, have a greater sense of ownership, purpose, and self-efficacy, and are better able to fulfil their greatest potential. 

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In today’s globalised world, we believe in cultivating our students’ ability to understand, as well as communicate, collaborate, and develop respectful relationships with people from diverse cultural backgrounds and perspectives. 

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CIS Stories


Student, Y11

I have studied at Chinese International School since Reception and it is now nothing less than a second home to me. Over the course of the last twelve years, the school has changed significantly due to renovations, such as the development of the New Tower or the refurbished libraries, but its spirit has remained consistent with its mission of kindness, bilingualism, and excellence––in terms of character as much as academics. 
What defines CIS, I believe, is the people. The incredible support and encouragement that faculty and staff offer their students here is unparalleled, and it's the "small" acts of kindness I recall when asked to describe my school: the golden elephants Ms Porter (our former Head of Primary) gave students whenever they lost a tooth, the guidance Primary counsellor Ms Fenwick invariably provided to students who were struggling, and the sheer attention and advice teachers like 徐老師 (1A), 陳老師 (5A), and 沈老師 (4D) gave to each and every one of their students, in the context of our classroom and beyond. Each time I stumbled or made a mistake, there was always someone from CIS who helped me back up again and prompted me to strive to become the best version of myself possible. 

Foster Family

Student, Y2 (son)
CISPTA GC (mother)

We feel so blessed to call CIS our home, as the relationships we have made here will be with us forever.  We originally chose CIS due to the renowned strength of its bilingual programme, but it’s the unique sense of community in the classroom and with all of the CIS families that truly sets CIS apart. With one child through the admissions process (and another just about to start!) we were grateful for all the help, guidance and open conversations that CIS was willing to provide!

I have learned so much about sustainability and helping the world through CIS! I love my friends and teachers! Lawrence Year 2 Student

Alison Wong

Head of Arts, Secondary

I am a Film teacher and the Secondary Head of Arts at CIS and I am quite certain that I have the best job in the school. CIS prioritises the Arts and believes that quality experiences in Film, Music, Theatre and Visual Arts gives students a well-rounded education that fosters an innovative mindset. There is a reason why so many real life entrepreneurs are arts students: My students get to create something out of nothing, to learn how to tell stories, and to participate in real world projects - how cool is that!

Matt Newland

English Teacher, Primary

My time at CIS has been more of a turning point in my life than a career. I started working at CIS in 2010. That year I met my wife who is also a teacher in the Primary school. Now we have two beautiful children attending CIS with us! 

Working at CIS, I have had the opportunity to experience world-class professional development, be upskilled and trained in modern technology and innovative initiatives, be supported to further my studies and qualifications, work with highly professional colleagues, and be privileged to teach the most wonderful students. I feel very fortunate and grateful to be on this journey.

Alfred Ho

CIS Parent

I feel so proud to be a CIS parent. I have been fortunate to serve as the Co-chair for CIS Annual Fund over the last two years, working with over 180 parents who volunteer as advocates to reach out to the parent community for funding. Against the most difficult macro environment in Hong Kong in decades due to COVID, we managed to increase our participation rate and the dollar-amount raised for the Annual Fund campaign. The results reflect the true meaning of community. The culture of parents, school leadership and students working together at CIS is amazingly strong, making the community unique and resilient. 

Catherine Kwei Shih

CISPTA President 

Getting involved at CIS has been a wonderful part of my parent experience. I believe our whole community shares this spirit of partnership, and the partnership inspires great ideas. As a parent leader on CISPTA, I’ve had the chance to share our parent voice, build community, and help to shape our future direction. The fact that we’re all invited to make a difference is so meaningful to me.

Joseph Luk '00

CIS Alumnus

The most formative years of my life were spent at CIS. In return, the school has gifted me my most cherished friendships; some of which became partnerships in business, and one - undoubtedly the most important one - became a partnership in life!

Having caught a glimpse of Vision '33, I'm confident that with our strong leadership team, and a network of alum and parents who are always eager to help, we can make this ambitious plan a reality.

I'm optimistic the best years for CIS are yet to come, and I can't wait to see the positive impact in which we will have in the world.

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Audrey King '21

CIS Alumna

CIS provided me with an amazing support system of teachers, friends and staff that allowed me to pursue my dreams whilst still getting an amazing education. I would say that my favourite memory from CIS is really just an accumulation of a lot of small moments. I genuinely loved going to school every day to spend time with my friends and classmates. Having had the opportunity to grow up with the 86 people that I graduated with made for a really special primary and secondary experience that I miss every day. 

Photo Credit: Ski Association HK

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