Primary Curriculum|小學課程

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CIS takes pride in its innovative approach to the teaching of the Primary curriculum in English and Chinese (Mandarin). This approach involves a variety of collaborative teacher partnerships, which ensure that students receive close teacher attention while also experiencing the two languages used in a balanced and integrated way.

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Every homeroom is headed by a pair of teachers with native-language abilities in English  and Chinese (Mandarin), and at every year level teachers of the two languages collaborate to plan and teach outcomes from the school's inquiry-based integrated program.

In Primary, traditional full-form characters are used for Chinese.


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Curriculum Areas

  1. Chinese Language Arts
  2. English Language Arts
  3. Mathematics
  4. Integrated Studies (Science, Social Studies and Art )
  5. Music 
  6. Physical Education
The values of 仁 (Empathy,Kindness),義 (Fairness, Justice),禮 (Propriety, Good Manners),智 (Wisdom, Right Judgement),信 (Integrity, Honesty) are woven in to all learning. 


  1. 英文
  2. 中文 (普通話)
  3. 數學
  4. 常識 (科學, 社會科學研究及藝術)
  5. 音樂
  6. 體育
中國傳統價值:「仁」、「義」、「禮」、「智」、「信」, 貫穿於小學部所有學習之中。
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