Primary Curriculum|小學課程

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CIS takes pride in its innovative approach to the teaching of the Primary curriculum in English and Chinese (Mandarin), implemented from 2004. This approach involves a variety of collaborative teacher partnerships, which ensure that students receive close teacher attention while also experiencing the two languages actively used in a balanced and integrated way.

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Every homeroom is headed by a pair of teachers with native-language abilities in English and Chinese (Mandarin), and at every year level teachers of the two languages collaborate to plan and teach outcomes from the school's inquiry-based integrated program. Currently, in Reception to Year 5, teachers of the two languages deliver the Integrated Studies program collaboratively in both languages.

Another important feature of the Primary program is the emphasis placed on fostering a love of reading. All students in Years 1 to 6 have a daily twenty-minute reading period, which may be guided by Chinese or English teachers.

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Curriculum Areas

  1. Chinese Language Arts
  2. English Language Arts
  3. Mathematics
  4. Integrated Studies (Science, Social Studies and Art )
  5. Music 
  6. Physical Education
The values of 仁 (Empathy,Kindness),義 (Fairness, Justice),禮 (Propriety, Good Manners),智 (Wisdom, Right Judgement),信 (Integrity, Honesty) are woven in to all learning. 


  1. 英文
  2. 中文 (普通話)
  3. 數學
  4. 常識 (科學, 社會科學研究及藝術)
  5. 音樂
  6. 體育
中國傳統價值:「仁」、「義」、「禮」、「智」、「信」, 貫穿於小學部所有學習之中。
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