The CIS programme prepares students for the challenges of today's world.

CIS aims to develop understanding and encourages students to inquire and to think critically and creatively.

The school strives for balance among the disciplines and for balance between classroom and non-classroom learning.

In Primary, equal time is devoted to the two languages and much of the curriculum is delivered in both languages.

In Secondary, Chinese is mainly taught as one among the subject areas, while also being foregrounded through the dual-language History programme (Years 7-9), the two-week China Experience Programme (Years 7-9) and the year-long Hangzhou CIS programme (Year 10).

Beginning level Chinese classes are offered at Year 7.

Appropriate technology is infused throughout all learning, but is not viewed as an end in itself.

Homework is carefully monitored to ensure that assignments are constructive and that overall loads are not excessive.

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