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A Science & Technology hub, plus new gyms, faculty and staff offices, and spaces for collaboration. Find out more about our opening festivities and some of the learning ideas behind our fantastic new facilities.

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CIS is not just a school my kids attend to develop skills for a challenging world - but a community that I fully entrust with their education and wellbeing.

── Jean DeSombre, President, CISPTA

Distinctly CIS


Well-read, thoughtful, nice-looking and bilingual...Let us introduce you to XiaoHua, our twice-yearly student magazine that has won kudos from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association. XiaoHua grew out of a Year 11 Personal Project and offers a lively window on campus life and student concerns. View it online or Contact Us for a hard copy.

Character Strengths

Students learn early on about their distinctive character strengths. The aim is to give each student a solid base from which to tackle life's challenges. This is just one way CIS strives for all children to flourish through Positive Education (正向教育).

School Song

"We come from the East, we come from the West...互相學習,相得益彰". On Monday mornings you'll hear the strains of the school song, written by CIS's first headmaster and first music teacher. While just a modest ditty, it's had staying power, reminding us of our origins and the simple idea that "we learn from each other, and that way is best".


You'll want to remember these three women. They're CIS's co-founders: Joyce Tai, Nelly Fung and Kin-yue Fu. We thank them for what they started, and we thank them for the example they set - because anyone who knows schools knows it takes smarts, determination and principles to bring such a vision to fruition.


Our beloved mascot is rather young. An outgrowth of a Year 11 student project, the Phoenix was chosen by popular vote in 2010, took visual shape in 2011, and was reborn in 2013 in 3D, based on drawings by a then-Year 1 student. The Phoenix is now our emblem of school spirit and student initiative. Follow the progress of our Phoenix sports teams and other groups at our Order of the Phoenix Facebook page.

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